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Fi's Story

Quality & Luxury

Fi is a young, Black, Muslim woman who was born and raised in New Jersey and holds her Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She works in the community by providing psychoeducation & therapeutic groups to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly in the Black community. Fi created Fi.Scentials, as an additional way to promote mental well-being and to help fulfill all your essential needs.


Many companies use low-quality ingredients because it is cheap and easy to obtain, despite the harmful effects. Understanding the struggle of finding natural products at a reasonable price, Fi.Scentials was created to do just that! This Black owned company is dedicated to ensuring quality and luxury products because we believe that the mind and body are sacred. With more to come, we are excited to offer our first line of Fi.Scentials products! 

Starting with Luxury Candles By Fi, we offer natural & eco-friendly products that promote mental well being through the use of essential oils. While most companies use paraffin wax, which is known to be carcinogenic when burned, Fi.Scentials offers a higher quality wax that is natural and helps to purify the air when burned. Our soft crackling wooden wicks and relaxing fragrances are specifically designed to help you create an environment of self-care.

Our high quality candles also feature the golden & matte black Fi'Luxe edition, which can dually be used as a massage oil after being lit. We also offer The J. Savage Collection for men, which helps to encourage men to practice self-care and maintain their mental health, as well. This collection was created in honor of the owner's brother, who inspired her to create this business & who lovingly gave her the nickname 'Fi'. 

Each candle is free from phthalates, which have been known to negatively affect the lungs, kidneys, & even reproductive organs. They are also free from harmful dyes & topped with our eco-friendly wildflower seed dust cover. This means that once you have finished your candle, you can plant the dust cover in the same vessel & watch as your new wildflowers bloom! So, you have a candle & plant all in one! 

In addition to our candles, we also offer Body Love, which currently includes body wash & body butter. Fi.Scentials has a vision to provide luxurious products for the mind and body. Though some people may not consider candles a necessity, Fi.Scentials is all about helping to provide an environment that allows you to practice self-care and believes that our luxury candles add to that atmosphere. Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve!

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